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by cblomart
19 Jan 2016 03:19
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Z-Way to MQTT
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Z-Way to MQTT

Hello all the community. I was not satifsied with domoticz or openhab... and realy like the Z-Way interface to manage the Razberry. Still i would like to interface with the may things in my house (Bluetooth awareness, Nest, Sonos, ...). So i deceided to check if a MQTT gateway was possible...
by cblomart
03 Apr 2014 17:51
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: new RazBerry Install & AEON Micro Energy Switch (MES) G2
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new RazBerry Install & AEON Micro Energy Switch (MES) G2

First Hello! I just installed a new z-wave network with a RazBerry controller and domoticz as a web interface. First as the default instalation didn't work well with new kernels, i installed the version 1.5.1 rc1 of the z-way software. In my newbee state i were not able to make it work with the curr...