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by dubliner
27 Sep 2016 21:58
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: SmartThings Hub and RaZberry
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Re: SmartThings Hub and RaZberry

I started my Z-Wave network with a RaZberry. Now, preparing to sell the house, I installed a Samsung SmartThings Hub v2.0, which is the primary controller on the Z-Wave network, and the RaZberry secondary. Can I ask how you did this? I have two Z-Wave networks at home, an existing one on RaZberry a...
by dubliner
24 Sep 2014 01:16
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: How to update all VirtualDevice values?
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Re: How to update all VirtualDevice values?

But the expert ui includes an interesting "update all" button, which function I would like to access through http request. How is it possible? I'm accessing the data and http from a bash script. Can you advice me how to request update through a bash script? Hey kickus, did you ever get an answer to...
by dubliner
24 Sep 2014 01:13
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Memory leaks?
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Re: Memory leaks?

I do not have any issue with the CORE 1.7.2 release since 42 days of continuous uptime and very stable operation. The only thing I did was REMOVE all home automation which I do with my own python code. Can I ask how you trigger an update? I've tried logging using HA but after a week I've an average...