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by Johnep
31 Jan 2017 13:14
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: Compatibility with Fibaro HC2 - Problem Corrected
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Re: Compatibility with Fibaro HC2 - help needed!

Hi I'm pretty new to the Z-uno and Fibaro, HC2 lite. I'm running a program on the Z-Uno that tests the status of a PIR sensor. I can see the sensor is working and the zunoSendReport is being used, both in the serial monitor and on the HC2 lite as the zwave led lights up whenever the sensor is activa...
by Johnep
30 Jan 2017 20:42
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: Reboot board
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Pins 19-22

Hi, after a very frustrating two days I have also found digital pins 19 to 22 reset after being set. It looks like they are reset to 0 when the Fibaro HC2-L checks the value after the pin being set. So far pins 8 through 12 do not suffer this issue. Also I note if my scope probe (hi Z) is connected ...