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by rkv
24 Jul 2019 14:24
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: Hardware interrupt and zunoSendReport()
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Re: Hardware interrupt and zunoSendReport()

We did simple code that works fine with razberry. Give us full code of your program. ZUNO_SETUP_CHANNELS( ZUNO_METER(ZUNO_METER_TYPE_ELECTRIC, ZUNO_METER_RESETABLE, ZUNO_METER_ELECTRIC_SCALE_PULSECOUNT, METER_SIZE_TWO_BYTES, METER_PRECISION_ZERO_DECIMALS, second_channel_getter, resetter), ZUNO_SENSO...
by rkv
18 Jul 2019 17:03
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: New 2.1.5 release
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Re: New 2.1.5 release

I have a problem with the ZUNO_SETUP_SLEEPING_MODE(ZUNO_SLEEPING_MODE_FREQUENTLY_AWAKE); with the loop I call zunoSetBeamCountWU(10); zunoSendDeviceToSleep(); but the device does not wake up any more. The Battery and wake_up command class is also missing on the contoller side. But in react on any c...
by rkv
15 Jul 2019 13:25
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: Only get values from one channel (have two channels)
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Re: Only get values from one channel (have two channels)

There are no problems. Code works fine with Razberry.