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Razberry 2 and Wheezy

Posted: 28 Jul 2018 14:56
by ScotsDon
Several queries:

1) The "ZWay Essentials" manual says "You already have a working Linux (Jessie) running", implying maybe Jesse only. Does anyone know if the Razberry 2 runs under Wheezy?

2) I am trying to upgrade from Razberry (1) to Razberry 2, on a RPi model 1 B, running Wheezy. I am trying to upgrade by saving a Backup of my settings for my Razberry 1 using Expert UI, power off the Pi, change the boards over, power back on and then doing a Restore (from the Expert UI). If I leave the "Restore Network Topology" box unticked, the restore runs OK but I see no devices. If I tick this box, it says restore failed. Actually I don't really know whether to tick the box or not?? If it should be ticked, why is it failing?

3) I ran the command:

wget -q -O - httpp:// | sudo bash

to upgrade my z-wave stuff, but I noticed afterwards that the version was v2.0.1, which is 3 years old. I did this with the Raz 1 attached to the Pi. Why would I not get a newer version? How do I get the latest version?

Re: Razberry 2 and Wheezy

Posted: 28 Jul 2018 15:20
by ScotsDon
Edit: In Item (3) above, I found I had a typo in my wget command. I had put an exclamation mark in (!) instead of the vertical line |. The upgrade now ran and gave me v2.3.7. Ignore Item (3).

Re: Razberry 2 and Wheezy

Posted: 28 Jul 2018 16:00
by ScotsDon
Edit 2: Using v2.3.7, the problems seem to have gone away. I needed to have the "Restore Network Topology" box ticked to restore the devices. Following a quick test of one device, I was able to switch it on and off via the Smartphone app. I will let my RPi run and see how it gets on. I don't use manual commands normally.

Sorry for the 'false alarm'!