Installing Z-Connector On Ubuntu

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Installing Z-Connector On Ubuntu

Post by ParkerTownsend » 15 Feb 2012 16:01


For someone who is new to this and has had problem getting a ZCU201 to work on win7 and XP I thought I would try Ubuntu

Your instructions state.
1) Unzip the content of the package into a folder of your choice on your hard drive.
(C) Done

2) Open a terminal window, go to Unix directory and compile the project by typing make clean all (development packages of libraries argtable2 and openssl and g++ compiler are required).
(C) Dev packages are installed by when running make clean all i get the following

rm *.o z-agent
rm; cannot remove '*.o' : No Such file or directory
rm; cannot remove 'Z-agent' : No Such file or directory
make: *** [clean] Error 1

3) Open file and replace the device name (-d option) with the actual name of your Z-Wave dongle device.
(C) I cant find my ZCU201 in the dev folder to change the device line -d /dev/ttyusb0

4) Run the Run_Z-Agent.shscript from the command line.
(c) Typed Run_Z-Agent into the terminal while in the Unix folder and it told me "Command Not Found'

I am very new to all this, so again any help would be appreciated, if it could be compiled and downloaded/installed via a package even better (although I am still learning all about that too)

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Step 2: run just make.We will

Post by PoltoS » 15 Feb 2012 16:01

Step 2: run just make.We will fix in next releases this problem (missing -f parameter for rm in Makefile).Step 3: to get the correct port you have to look in kernel or udev messages. try to run dmesg after plugging the stick. At the end of the output you will see information about your stick. It might also happen that you need to insert the correct kernel module. I think it should be SPCP 825, so run sudo modprobe spcp8x5 and look into dmesg output again.Step 4: problem is casued by Step 2 and Step 3.

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