new RazBerry Install & AEON Micro Energy Switch (MES) G2

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new RazBerry Install & AEON Micro Energy Switch (MES) G2

Post by cblomart » 03 Apr 2014 17:51

First Hello!

I just installed a new z-wave network with a RazBerry controller and domoticz as a web interface.

First as the default instalation didn't work well with new kernels, i installed the version 1.5.1 rc1 of the z-way software. In my newbee state i were not able to make it work with the current version by downgrading the kernel.

I installed and configured a door sensor (fibaro) and a couple of switches (aeon labs mes G2).

I can now simpli execute a blockly script on event to light for a certain amount of time the room when the door is open.

I still have a problem with the switches: their status is not reported to domoticz. So when they are actioned manualy, i can't set a timer on them.

I checked in the Z-way interface and the status is not reported unless i push on the 'update' button.

Looking further at the device configuration, i don't see control/configuration commands. Z-way still tells me that the interview is complete.

I've seen different post in the forum related to the lack of definition file for these switches.

Altought i tought that the device could work with events (the switch signals that it changed state), i also tought there was a polling. So apparently no event because the device is not updated unless i ask for the update and no polling (i waited 1h yesterday evening to see if it changed).

Can anyone help me on this?


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Re: new RazBerry Install & AEON Micro Energy Switch (MES) G2

Post by vodor » 16 Nov 2014 08:15

I stumbled onto this post a bit late but for what its worth I had the same problem.
When using Domoticz and setup the hardware device to connect to the z-way-server http interface it did not poll the switches for their state nor did it poll the electricity usage correctly.

Since then I have used another setup. I set up the RazBerry as an openzwave usb device. It required a bit of shell hacking by creating a symlink from the current tty to ttyUSB0.

Works perfect now.

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