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Re: List of recommended sensors - Help

Post by pofs » 06 Oct 2014 04:18

jayce wrote:There is a new good opensource software called jeedom :
Wow, they're claiming to use RaZberry 5.0 for Z-Wave in their Pro boxes :)
The guys are pretty fast, since the first batch of next-gen RaZberries were manufactured just a week ago.

Also, like OpenRemote, it is just a front-end for home automation. They communicate either with RaZberry/ZWay or with other Z-Wave sticks (like Aeon Labs) via OpenZWave.

Just to warn you: despite of free and open-source core software, OpenZWave module is not free in their store, and it currently has pretty poor support for security (and no support for ZWave+ at all). So if you're planning to add some of that devices later, you'd better choose RaZberry card (or our USB stick) with ZWay.

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Re: List of recommended sensors - Help

Post by jayce » 06 Oct 2014 19:34

Razberry 5.0 is for the next jeedom pro boxes (it's also under developpement and not avaible)

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Re: List of recommended sensors - Help

Post by Vincentoo » 08 Oct 2014 10:18

nor7992 wrote:Can you can recommend me devices that operating smoothly, without problems?. I need
A temperature sensor
A motion sensor
A sensor that detects door opening
For door opening, I tried two so far, the Everspring HSM103 and Fibaro. After one year and half, I found that the 3x Everspring I have are not working so well anymore (one has definitively a weird behavior) and in general these are too big. I am very happy with the Fibaro, so I would recommend that one.

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