fibaro roller shutter 2

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fibaro roller shutter 2

Post by Nomader » 11 Feb 2016 11:35

I am still in the planning phase of my setup and I have a question regarding the fibaro roller shutter.
My shutters at the moment have toggle switches. If i use the fibaro module, how will those behave?
I know they are supposed to work OK as i read that in the fibaro manual, but my question is specific:
If i open the rollers manually using the wall switch, the rollers will go all the way up, reach the mechanical limit of the motor and stop... my toggle switch will still be left on the up position.
If i then try to close the rollers using z-wave, will that work with the manual switch left in the UP position?
And if that works OK and i decide to open the rollers again with the switch, do i have to toggle the switch to middle position then back to UP again?

hope i make sense.. thank you

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Re: fibaro roller shutter 2

Post by ridewithstyle » 29 Feb 2016 12:36

Hi there,

I have the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 with Toggle switches as you ask for. It works exactly as you'd expect. You toogle the switch and even during active motion you can override it with a z-wave command. To put it simple, the latest command wins.

One drawback, Image this scenario: Alice ususally uses the buttons in the evening, Bob opens the shutters in the morning via z-wave remote or phone app. On the third evening Alice close the shutters but they start cycling a new calibration.

The Reason: calibration with the Fibaros is triggered by pressing and holding the same button longer than 3 seconds, releasing it, pressing for more than 3 seconds, releasing it, pressing it for more than 3 sconds.

That is exactly the pattern you get if you always use buttons for one and network access for the other direction. Even if you spread out the action over a couple of days.

If you have a choice, go for the switchs, not the toggle buttons. I am seriously thinking about swapping them

Greetings, rws

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