routing keeps reseting

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routing keeps reseting

Post by Nomader » 04 Sep 2016 12:20

I have the UZB1 on a windows pc. Whenever I reboot the pc or remove the stick and replace it (or even when there is a power outage), the routing is reset. It starts routing from scratch all over again. This actually results in dead nodes. i would have to restart domoticz server to eliminate the dead nodes. Is this normal?
Is it normal for the routing to be erased with the removal of the stick or a reboot?
The Aeotec stick has battery, does that prevent it from forgetting the routing, but i am not sure how long would the battery last.

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Re: routing keeps reseting

Post by PoltoS » 10 Sep 2016 11:28

UZB has EEPROM that survives power off. If your UZB has problems, may be it is faulty. Please send to support logs of Z-Way before and after restart to analyze.

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