Different devices in smarthomeUI and expertUI

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Different devices in smarthomeUI and expertUI

Post by roger » 29 Nov 2017 21:56

When I include a device it get a device ID that previously was used by a excluded rain gauge device.
The problem was that an energy meter get the scale unit "cubic meter" in the smarthomeUI, should have been kWh.
But when I look in the expertUI, in the menu Control-Meters it have the correct unit kWh.

And when I for a couple of weeks ago try to upgrade from my version 2.3.4 to the latest 2.3.6 some of the automation apps no longer working.
The reason was that about 20 of my devices not was showing in the smarthomeUI anymore, and any force interview not solve the problem.
Also in this case everything was showing in the expertUI under the Control menu, and all values are alive and responding.
After going back to the previous version with the backup the install script have done all working as Before.

Because all are working in the expertUI it have to be anything in the smarthomeUI that not working.
It is a way to reset the smarthomeUI to use the same information that the expertUI using, or is it any cache in the system that can hold old information that the smarthomeUI using instead of the correct up to date information in the system?

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