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How to update XML config files for new Z-Wave devices?

Posted: 11 Feb 2018 14:54
by DarS
Anyone knows how to update XML config files for new Z-Wave devices, please? I have a bunch of Z-Wave Plus Qubino switches (Qubino PLUS Flush 1-relay ZMNHAD1) which have been Z-Wave certified but are not listed in my Device Description window. Therefore I cannot select the appropriate XML file to fully configure these devices.
Z-Way web interface offers some menu (Firmware update => Update the device database) to update the XML database, but it did not work for me, producing error "SmartHome UI - ERROR. Unable to load data".

Without proper XML config file I am stuck with Qubino ZMNHAD1. I can select substitutes like XML for Qubino ZMNHAA2 or Qubino Flush 1D. But these XMLs are for different, older devices so not all options of newer ZMNHAD1 are accessible. As a result, my ZMNHAD1 switch works just partially - it switches the load (good!), but does not report instant/total power consumption (not good!).