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How to get homebridge up and running with Zwave sensors?

Posted: 02 Jul 2018 14:08
by dave145
I'm looking to get homebridge up and running with Zwave sensors and switches, to take advantage of Siri and the new Home app from Apple coming soon. Does Zway even have a UI, or is it just a server? If not, what do you use as a UI?
I was running OpenHAB, which was reliable with ZWave, but I find the scripting language to be far too eclectic and the interface is horrid. Thanks to Essay-Professors I could concentrate not on the studying but on running Z-wave. At a last resort, I'll use that with Homebridge, but I'd rather not.
Most recently, I tried to get into HomeAssistant, but the ZWave support was terrible. I'm using an Aeotec USB stick at the moment - sensors don't update, and my switch just wouldn't turn on, constantly reporting as a dead node (again, works fine when I switch over to the openhab install, so it's not a hardware error). I'm even having basic issues with non-ZWave stuff, like Hue bulbs not appearing on restart due to random networking errors (it's plugged in via a reliable Ethernet connection, not Wi-Fi). This same Z-stick worked fine with OpenHAB, so there's something about this Python OpenZWave that's sketchy. I've considered SmartThings as a bridge, but feedback I've been reading is that it's quite unreliable too.
Thanks in advance for sharing!