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email notification arriving very late or never

Posted: 23 Oct 2018 19:00
by msambol
Hi I'm relatively new to z-way, running the system on a Raspberry Pi with Razberry 2. I have a very simple setup so far, Fibaro light switch set to turn on and off based on the Astronomy module.

I use Logical Rules to control the lights based on sun's altitude, and that is working fine. But the same rules are set to send notification to my phone (app) and also email. The phone notification arrives when expected, but the email notification is totally erratic. Sometimes it arrives close to the app notification, sometimes hours later (today 9 hours later), often not at all. I am using gmail and have checked Spam, that's not the issue.

I tried to use Event Watcher instead and saw similar results.

I searched the forum, haven't seen people complaining about the email notification app. Has anyone seen this, any suggestions about what I can do about it? The email isn't critical but it makes me wonder if something else is wrong about my setup.