Everspring AN158 Meter interview fails for specific devices

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Everspring AN158 Meter interview fails for specific devices

Post by nicholas-s » 20 Mar 2013 00:28


I´ve got ~15 Everspring AN158 (Wall Plug with Metering function).
First of all: This used to be working with Z-Cloud and a Seluxit Viasens USB Z-Wave dongle without any problem

After switching to Razberry, about half of the AN158 devices do not finish the "Meter" interview.
Force Re-Interview does nothing, it still says Meter interview not done. The other half of the same devices (AN158) do work. Meter interview finishes. It´s always the same devices that fail the interview.

Excluding/Resetting and Re-Including the device does not change anything. All interviews finish except for Meter. Putting the Razberry directly next to the problematic AN158´s does not change anything, it´s not a reception issue nor is it a device firmware issue (all devices have the same firmware version).

I think it must be something related to the razberry module or the software. Maybe some timing quirks or something like that.

All devices are working, I´m getting a status and am able to control them. It´s just the Meter interview that is stuck for some of them. Any Ideas ?

Is there a way to work around this without waiting for a bugfix ? e.g. edit some config file and copy-paste the interview results from the AN158´s that finished their interview to those that did not finish ? I guess the interview results are always the same for identical devices ?

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Post by SpamNeinDanke » 20 Mar 2013 00:28

Hi Nicholas,

I do have the same Multimeter device in my Z-Wave network. However I had similar issues with that device.
What helped me was to explicitly wake up the device (pressing the button three times in 1 second), do a NIF update from raZberry, wake up the device again and do a re-interview from raZberry. After that I reached the interview complete state for AN158.

As you mentioned that it worked with z-cloud before, it might not be possible that the device is broken?

Hope that helps.


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