Use this to make a complete system

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Use this to make a complete system

Post by collinssolutions » 28 Mar 2013 00:18

It is possible to use this and a Pi to make a complete home automation and security system? What i am looking for is a way to design and build my own system for my house as a test bed then perhaps if its good enough make it available though my company. I came across this product and it looked promising. Besides the question above i have some specific questions.

Does this device see and communicate to any zwave device?
Do devices have to be registered?
For security can you force device registration?
Since there is JSON evolved can i make my own HTML 5 App that would run on the Pi and it interact with the module?

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The RaZberry board will act

Post by PoltoS » 28 Mar 2013 00:18

The RaZberry board will act as a Z-Wave Static Controller device, means it is a Z-Wave device that can also be used to build Z-Wave network.

To be controlled all Z-Wave devices have to be included in one network (so, there is an inclusion process that you can call "registration")

Yes, it is possible to write your own HTML5/JS UI and we encourage people to do so. Our API is well documented and is designed to be easily integrated in other systems.

There is also a demo UI that is shipped with RaZberry and a mini demo UI on github:

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