Popp Electric Strike Lock Control

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Popp Electric Strike Lock Control

Post by mcbain3222 » 21 Sep 2016 11:50


I try to include the Popp Electric Strike Lock Control (http://www.popp.eu/wp-content/uploads/2 ... OPP_en.pdf) in my ZWave Network.
But it seems my controller doesn’t find the device. I tried an Exclude and Inlude several times. But the Inclusion/Exclusion Process aborts with "INCLUSION takes a long time to start up".
Other devices like a Fibaro Motion Sensor works properly with my controller.

My ZWave Controller is a Raspberry Pie (v2) with ZWave Module.

Does somebody have an idea?

Many thanks.

Best regards


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Re: Popp Electric Strike Lock Control

Post by fez » 21 Aug 2017 18:15

Hi, I've got recently the controller. Inclusion works properly with zway 2.3.5, the device is also defined. The inclusion button is hard to properly press due to the plastiv cover, I only had some difficulties becaue of that.
However, I'm thinking to send it back, because mine doesn't seem to function properly. The dry imput doesn't work and neither the autolock (I dont want to rely on the gateway for this). I also have trouble to find a proper documentation, where all paramaters are properly described. Parameter 0 (documented on the linked manual) seems not to be configurable, etc.
Do you still have it? Does yours work as expected?

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