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Re: Surveillance cam

Post by alphons » 31 Oct 2016 23:48

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If I put username and password in the corresponding fields, and not in the URL, it seems that I get another error.

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Re: Surveillance cam

Post by alphons » 31 Oct 2016 23:53

This is what it should look like.
have also shown the xml code for the element, if this could make any sense for you that understand this stuff.:-)
What it should look like.JPG
What it should look like.JPG (58.01 KiB) Viewed 7310 times

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Re: Surveillance cam

Post by alphons » 01 Nov 2016 00:31

Aha...I have now found the solution I think.
I need to use the username and password field in the app. Username and password can`t be integrated in the URL.

The reason I couldn`t login and got the 403, seem to be because the camera only supports one login or connection.

I now got picture from both my cameras.

I still can`t get picture with the Zway control app, (Apple app store), but maybe this isn`t supported?

Maybe it is supported if I set the cameras up with the dyndns function to get direct access outside the firewall?

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Re: Surveillance cam

Post by alphons » 01 Nov 2016 00:48

Wowww...but it obviously works in the Home Control app...

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Re: Surveillance cam

Post by lademeister » 18 Nov 2016 14:06

I got the video stream working in the iphone app and in the ipad app - with different cameras.
Works with an standard ip cam, also with a webcam stream that i found which was open without password and as well with an iphone and an android phone with installed webcam app.
All works great, but i had to fiddle around which "camera" to chose - not all worked straight with standard webcam module, for some i found dedicated webcam modules (for special brand of webcams) that worked. I think this depends on the type of stream. I didn't write down which stream type works with which webcam module, as I was only trying it out anyways.

By the way:

For cheap surveillance i may recommend an old android phone with good camera and the app "IP Webcam".

This app is quite all you might want (even in the free version) and works stable and well with zway.
In its free version it supports automatic streaming after phone boot, hiding the app on the phone, rotating and mirroring the picture, using front or rear cam, switching on the light remotely, adjusting brightness and contrast as well as night mode, it allows to define overlay text in unix format like %A%d%m%y%s to add time, a clear dayname and date to the stream and as well allows to automatically upload pictures or video streams of definable leghth to FTP oder even dropbox upon motion detection, and also allow to trigger http requests upon motion triggerering.

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Re: Surveillance cam

Post by eugene_kolesov » 21 Nov 2016 14:19

In user:
In password:
Camera ip and z-way-server ip must be in same LAN.

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Re: Surveillance cam

Post by sofiakerry » 08 Jul 2017 07:17

As PolTos said, Your MJPEG is supported, I think there is the problem in the configuration of your camera app in Z-way. I have no more information about "'HikVision IP-camera'', for more, you can search online definitely your all doubts will be clear.

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Re: Surveillance cam

Post by randyclark » 02 Nov 2017 09:51

Im currently using an ip camera. Serves as my surveillance too.

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Re: Surveillance cam

Post by alex_mercer » 22 Dec 2017 08:52

I don't prefer surveillance kits you can get from shops because they just don't deliver. If your locality is a prime target for burglars and thieves, it isn't a really good idea to just use an IP camera. Consider getting a complete video surveillance system installed by a professional agency and preferably, get it wired. That leaves no room for the new gen burglars to hack into the system. Stay safe!

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