Send Notification_report to play chime

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Re: Send Notification_report to play chime

Post by fez » 09 May 2018 10:49

Not completely related to this topic, but I wanted more options than the regular z-wave door chime/ siren offers so I build my own device for half the price using a raspberry zero.
It is definetly more work, but IMHO it was worth it (it plays any mp3, prerecorded/generated notification). Here are the instructions in case someone wants a weekend project.

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Re: Send Notification_report to play chime

Post by enbemokel » 11 May 2018 13:11

bjoern812 wrote:
29 Apr 2018 22:35
Hi eyeq202,

just one note. If your siren communicates thru Security CC
use zway.SendDataSecure instead of zway.SendData

Hi Björn, thanks for this additional information. I had to exclude my siren and went crazy as nothing worked.
Then I realized that last inclusion was unsecure, new inclusion was secure. Change to "SendDataSecure" and Yiepiyaee.
Best regards

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