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Problem with vDev

Posted: 01 Feb 2018 14:39
by enbemokel
Hi Forum,

every hour the system comes up with errors regarding a vDev.
I´m running v3.0.0-rc12, so if it belongs to the rc I´m fine. But I want to check some log files to understand what happens.
The device 28 is a Everspring Power plug with 3 instances, 28-0-37, 28-0-113-8-0-A and 28-0-113-8-1-A.
I have other Everspring Power plugs that work without a problem.
Problem started when the product was included with 12, then I excluded the device and included now with 28.
Any hint?

Re: Problem with vDev

Posted: 01 Feb 2018 16:51
by enbemokel
O.K. message to myself ;-)
I had the feeling that it belongs to the Periodical Sensor Polling App and excluded the 2 "28-0-113" devices.
No new entry from this time.
As these is a power managment function, that I don´t use, Im fine with this. Just deactivating these 2 devices didn´t help,
this was my first try the last days.

Re: Problem with vDev

Posted: 01 Feb 2018 18:29
by janjan
Hi enbemokel,

i've had the same problem with a neo plug, i solved it by marking the neo in the sensor polling app in the field " do not poll" . now its fine and i got no vdev-failure.

perhaps the firmware of the neo plug ist buggy or just bad reengineerd

i use a popphub2 with 2.3.6