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Why is Alexa failing again ?

Posted: 13 Mar 2018 20:09
by micky1500
Am I the only one seeing Alexa-z-way is down ?
been 14 hours without a working system.

I have disabled and re-enabled Alexa app.
Disabled and re-enabled Z-Wave Network Access.
Restarted z-way-server.
Rebooted my router.
Rebooted Raspberry pi3.

Still Alexa says "'Device' not responding"

I'm guessing it's a problem my end. No one else is reporting any issues.
any ideas ?

Re: Why is Alexa failing again ?

Posted: 16 Mar 2018 19:53
by jarek
same here. problem exists in my setup from few days

Re: Why is Alexa failing again ?

Posted: 17 Mar 2018 00:25
by PoltoS
Is your box connected to find?

Re: Why is Alexa failing again ?

Posted: 17 Mar 2018 14:48
by micky1500
Raspberry says it is connected ( []) :-
sudo netstat -nap
tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 953/ssh

Alexa commands were failing on Tuesday.
Wednesday morning Alexa was working again without me doing anything to fix it.
Wednesday evening Alexa was failing again. And has not been working since Wednesday.

It has started working again "Yippee"
This time I tried :-
Rebooted Raspberry pi3 - Didn't work
Disabled/Enabled Alexa App - Didn't work
Disabled/Enabled Remote Access App - Didn't Work
Disabled/Enabled Alexa App again. Now Alexa is working.

It has been working now for 10 minutes.