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Login error

Post by optiix » 19 Aug 2018 17:49

First of all, hello. Im new to this forum.
I currently use Tellnet znet to control lamps in my house. Now I wanted to connect Aeon sensor 6 (humidity, temperature, light and motion detection) and also couple this to a siren so when someone is in my garage the siren sounds when activated. I have some knowledge of linux but it was Hundreds :lol: of years since I used it...

My hardware is this:

Raspberry pi 3 B+
Razberry v2 gen5
Ethernet cable connected
Logitech illuminated keyboard connected (when connected I get warning low voltage?)
Sandisk Ultra SDHC 16GB

I have tryed both dometics and openhab and this one (raspbian and z-way). I have tested raspbian jessie from 2017 and several stretch and stretch lite versions and ofc the clean ready made "razberry-2.2.5-wifi_public.img" and burnt it with etcher to my SDHC. I have started SSH, timezone and so on... When I surf to find.zwave.me I see the login page and also I see an IP below stating (in my case) When clicking this (ofc with port 8083) I just get connection refused from my desktop. I have tested both my pi login name "pi", standard admin and so on. Very little information about what standard login name should be. Am I forced to use the raspbian desktop version and locally try the webpage with admin:(empty psw) ?

Best regards, optiix.

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Re: Login error more info

Post by optiix » 19 Aug 2018 23:34

Website cannot be erached refused connection
Search after 192 168 8083 på Google

when I do command /etc/init.d/z-way-server start

I get;
Starting z-way-server: done.


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Re: Login error

Post by PoltoS » 20 Aug 2018 02:31

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Re: Login error

Post by meir.ivry » 08 Sep 2018 06:59

I had the same problem and after a some search on the web I found the following 2 articles that helped me solve the problem:

1. "Razberry V2 on Raspbian Stretch - Raspberry Pi Forums‬" - https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/view ... p?t=215389
2. "Installation broken on Rapsbian Stretch · Issue #133 · Z-Wave-Me/z-way-issues · GitHub‬" - https://github.com/Z-Wave-Me/z-way-issues/issues/133

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