Motion Sensor not updating?? (HS - FLS100+)

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Re: Motion Sensor not updating?? (HS - FLS100+)

Post by hp1 » 07 Sep 2018 23:41

Thank you for checking! Really appreciate the help.

It might be a while before I can update to 2.3.8. I currently run 2.3.5, which has been really, really stable for me. I have a razberry2 and a RPI3+ (as I was hoping to have a secondary controller, but without lifeline updates, the secondary controller isn't that useful), so what I might do is;

- exclude the FLS100+ from my 2.3.5 network.
- format my RPI3+ with the razberry2. Then install 2.3.5 and include the FLS100+
- see if the same behaviour happens.
- upgrade to 2.3.8-rc6 and see if the problem has been fixed.

The shell script workaround is solving my current problem, but definitely want the proper fix in place!

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