How do I disable suspend mode?

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How do I disable suspend mode?

Post by Nicole05 » 31 May 2019 10:13

Whenever I leave my Raspberry Pi on overnight, it always seems to have entered some kind of suspended state. The red power light is still on but the light on the USB WiFi device is off and I can't access it with SSH.

I have no peripherals attached except for a USB WiFi device. I just use it headless as an audio player.

Anyone know how to completely disable any kind of suspend features?

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Re: How do I disable suspend mode?

Post by tin921 » 01 Jun 2019 16:40

i would suggest a few steps to isolate the problem:
1- is it really the PI broad itself, or the OS? maybe attaching the monitor, mouse and keyboard would have prove it.
2- maybe it's the wifi connection not stable or disconnected? try using ethernet.

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Re: How do I disable suspend mode?

Post by PoltoS » 02 Jun 2019 01:53

May be USB power have problems and the device hangs on low power?

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