Ceiling fan control, Aeotec/Aeon Labs controller?

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Ceiling fan control, Aeotec/Aeon Labs controller?

Post by ever0095 » 29 Sep 2015 17:15

Aeon Labs looks to make three controllers which may be suitable for in-ceiling fan control. I'm having a tough time determining which is best for my application. I’d like to install two ceiling fans, using controllers at the fan location to avoid hardwiring a wall switch. I’d like to be able to control fan speed, but I’d settle for on/off. There will not be lights attached to the fans. I’d also like to have a z-wave wall switch that would control the in-ceiling z-wave controller.

There are currently reviews on amazon.com where the following units have been used in this way (not in the wall behind a switch, but instead inside the ceiling fan housing):

Z-Wave In-Wall Micro Controller (DSC26103-ZWUS) (confirmed to work)
Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Dimmer, 2nd Edition (DSC19103-ZWUS) (confirmed to work, possibly with fan speed control?)
Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Switch, 2nd Edition (DSC18103-ZWUS) (confirmed to work, confirmed to not work)

DSC18103 - for this unit, one review states:

---"For resistive loads only" - found this printed on the face of the device. This makes it unacceptable for controlling fans or other motors. Was forced to return it less than 10 minutes after unboxing it and order something else.

Another review of the same unit:

---It's connectors were meant for multi-strand wire found inside fans and fixtures. It does not work well with single strand house wiring.

I’m lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Ceiling fan control, Aeotec/Aeon Labs controller?

Post by gijoecool » 01 Oct 2015 20:43

I am also looking for experiences with these devices. I am planning adding z-wave functionality to two ceiling fans in my home.

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Re: Ceiling fan control, Aeotec/Aeon Labs controller?

Post by maros » 01 Oct 2015 23:06

Unfortunately most z-wave dimmers cannot be used to control ceiling fans - they are made for resistive loads like light bulbs. Ceiling fans require transformers for speed control, and thus dedicated fan-control controllers. Afaik such devices are only available for the US z-wave frequency.
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