greenwave reality powernode

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greenwave reality powernode

Post by rvdm » 10 Jul 2012 08:03


I have two GreenWave Reality Powernode (6 port) devices in my z-wave network, and am trying to use these with . The powernode is a power bar with 6 sockets, supporting individual on/off and individual power measurements on all sockets: recognizes the powerbar, but only supports on/off for all sockets at once. I'm assuming there is a need for a device description record. Is there anything I can do (or supply) to get that added?
As I understand this is a multi-instance device.

Would be very happy to get this working!


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Make sure to pass the interview

Post by PoltoS » 10 Jul 2012 08:03

Device description record is needed only to provide verbal description of association groups and config parameters. MultiInstance/MultiChannel device should work out of the box. For this make sure to pass interview. If it does not pass interview after inclusion, go to Expert mode (buton on the bottom-right, then Device config tab, use last section and press Force Interview button. Before doing this make sure to get the NIF (pres appropriate button on the device or use on the first section "Request NIF" button (for mains powered devices [as your is]). Interview stage should show first + (got NIF) and then after forcing interview all rest - will become +.

If you are ready to provide us with digital manual from the device, you can send it to our email with the .xml file produced after complete interview with Save/Show Device Description Record under Advanced Action section. We will add it to our devices database.

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