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Re: Merten Connect 505xxx/506xxx - Parameter Values

Posted: 18 Sep 2016 01:16
by PoltoS
Your understanding is correct. So if Merten device is not sending dimming commands to Z-Way under same circumstances, I would assume it is either configured a bit differently (are there Config params?) or Merten device asks something from Z-Way and the answer tells it not to send dimming commands. I would only expect Merten can ask for NIF. So check that Defaults.xml lists in NIF SwitchMultilevel

Re: Merten Connect 505xxx/506xxx - Parameter Values

Posted: 06 Oct 2017 02:38
by istler
there are some news respective the Merten Switch?
I tested the v2.3.6, but there are no more function, only basicset.

Best Regards

Re: Merten Connect 505xxx/506xxx - Parameter Values

Posted: 16 Nov 2017 14:21
by CrazyFin
Merten (since few years back bought by Schneider Electric) will not make any improvements. Their Connect 505xxx/506xxx devices will NOT be upgraded to use the more modern Z-Wave protocol and its classes.

So if you want dimming with these switches you must remove them from being associated with your controller and instead use direct association with the device(s) you want to dim.
As soon as you have the Merten 505xxx/506xxx devices associated with your controller the device will only report basic switching (on/off) as its only capability.

Very strange and odd but probably due to Merten did a bad implementation of the protocol and the classes the device supports. I think Merten designed these push buttons for being mainly used with direct associations only and not being used in a more "normal" Z-Wave network with a software based controller.

One odd thing for example if I have first added a Merten 4 channel push button switch (2 paddles) and then direct associate each paddle with for example 2 different lamps. If I now exclude the Merten for some reason and then again re-include it as a new device I am not able to direct associate it with my lamps anymore. However, if I exclude the lamps from the network and then re-include them to the network as new devices I am now able to do direct association between the Merten and my lamps!?
It is almost as if the Merten has to have a lower node ID than the devices it is supposed to be controlling... :?

I have given up on these devices but I still buy them since they are VERY good looking and you can customize the frames and buttons in quite many variations. I am just using them with direct associations to control (on/off/dim up/dim down) lamps and roller shutters. Works fine though in this setup.

Here is good info doc from Norwegian company Tronika A/S to read about the Merten / Schneider Electric switches: