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Using Danfoss Thermostat (014G0001)

Posted: 07 Feb 2018 02:27
by eimose
As described here ... ding/34263, the commands to communicate with the Danfoss Thermostat 014G0001 (known as Living Connect) became closed/proprietary with a firmware update in 2014. This specification is for the thermostat with the old firmware version:

As far as I can see, this means that 014G0001 does not work properly with 3rd party controllers such as Z.Wave.Me. I can exclude and include it but that's about it. The available commands seems to be "Basic" and "ManufacturerSpecific". Has anyone had succes in using the Danfoss Living Connect ver. 014G0001 (or 014G0002) with Z-Wave Smart Home/Z.Wave.Me? I am not familiar with the Z.Wave.Me-system, or Z.Wave devices in general for that matter.

I do know that Danfoss sells the "Danfoss Living Connect Z" (014G0013) which works with 3rd party controllers (and costs about the double of the 014G0001).