Can't trigger Aeotec Alarm 6

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Can't trigger Aeotec Alarm 6

Post by Xusqui » 25 Aug 2019 14:34

Hello, neighbours and friends...

I have been using a Raspberry pi 3 + Razberry for a while. Recently I updated to 3.0.0, and as it went wrong, I completely uninstalled it and reinstalled from scratch and everything went fine that time.

In my config a Only had a Door Sensor (Aeotec) and a fire alarm (Fibaro), and both work great (I guess Fibaro sensor works great, although it was never triggered).

Recently I bought the Aeotec Alarm 6, and I included in my z-wave network like a charm, without any problems (S2 included).

Now I am unable to create a recipe to make the alarm sound when the door is open.

I see all the accessories in the "elements" view, but when I create a IF/THEN Recipe I can use the door sensor open in the IF part, but only can Send Notification by e-mail in the THEN part. The alarm accesorio is shown in the IF part as binary sensors which they are not...

Any clue on this?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Can't trigger Aeotec Alarm 6

Post by PoltoS » 31 Aug 2019 01:37

This is a known problem. We will fix it soon. You can workaround it by executing /JS/Run/controller.devices.get("VDEV").set("metrics:probeType", "alarm") for all devices that looks like alarms. VDEV should substitute the device ID that appers when you put your mouse on the gear on the device widget.

We will fix it in v3.0.1

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