[HowTo] Trap events from Remotes and Sensors (ZME WALLC S)

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[HowTo] Trap events from Remotes and Sensors (ZME WALLC S)

Post by pz1 » 26 Aug 2015 14:50

Updated: 20160220
Last tested with: v2.2.1

OBJECTIVE: I have used one button pair to switch by association one of my binarySwitches. That works fine. I would like to use the second button pair to control a switch in an adjacent building that is on a different ZWay controller. That can indeed be done with help of the Apps SwitchControlGenerator (now named: Trap events from Remotes and Sensors), ImportRemoteHA, and IFTHEN, a remote Duwi wall plugin switch was controlled by the 2-4 button pair.
modules used.PNG
modules used.PNG (19.55 KiB) Viewed 4522 times
First I added the App that imports devices on a remote ZWay installation. The only thing I did was fill the fields as in the image below (click for full view)
ImportHA.PNG (20.17 KiB) Viewed 4519 times
Next I installed the App Trap events from Remotes and Sensors. In my case the remote is a ZME_WALLC_S dual button wall controller by ZWave>me.
As said In the WallC-S I do use the buttons 2 and 4 to be captured. Therefor I set the following configuration parameters for that device

Nº 2 - Button 2 and 4 pair mode: Seaparately
Nº 12 - Command to Control Group B: Central Scene to Gateway
Nº 14 - Command to Control Group D: Central Scene to Gateway

A while after the install of the App, I went to this device and pushed the button at all four corners of the device. The image below shows the virtual devices that were generated.
SwitchControlGen.PNG (7.5 KiB) Viewed 3295 times
Finally I created two IFTHEN rules for on and off respectively.
IFTHEN.PNG (9.28 KiB) Viewed 3295 times
For the experts: Thne image above was created with a JSON viewer (In editor Notepad++ plugin JSTools) Look under instances in file

Code: Select all

Copy that file to a safe place and open it there.

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Re: [HowTo] Trap events from Remotes and Sensors (ZME WALLC

Post by pz1 » 28 Aug 2016 17:18

Added the necessary parameter settings on Wall-CS to enable capturing "buttons".

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