[userModule] WeatherUnderground (Updated 2016/05/31)

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[userModule] WeatherUnderground (Updated 2016/05/31)

Post by maros » 16 Oct 2015 18:37

This plugin queries the WeatherUnderground API and creates up to six mulilevel sensor devices showing
  • the current weather conditions
  • the weather forecast
  • the current humidity (optional)
  • the current wind (optional)
  • the UV index (optional)
  • the air pressure (optional)
It can distinguish between Celsius and Fahrenheit, as well as between metric and imperial units. Furthermore, almost all data returned from the API can be accessed via device metrics. The module is fully interchangeable with the ForecastIO plugin since it uses the same metrics names for most data.

Tested with Z-Way version v2.1.1, v.2.2.1, v.2.2.2
Bug/Issue tracker at https://github.com/maros/Zway-WeatherUnderground/issues
Documentation at https://github.com/maros/Zway-WeatherUn ... /README.md
Download at https://github.com/maros/Zway-WeatherUn ... d/releases
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Re: [userModule] WeatherUnderground (Updated 2015/12/20)

Post by FrankR » 06 Feb 2016 11:26

I had a "Notification error" with WeatherUnderground app, see this thread:

The main problem was caused by raspberry wlan module. Alright, I fixed it. But why does the app have a notification problem?

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