[userModule] Window Control (Updated 2016/10/06)

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[userModule] Window Control (Updated 2016/10/06)

Post by maros » 20 Jun 2016 09:52

Automation module to handle window opener motors for achieving optimal
ventilation and temperature regulation. Three individual operation modes
are available
  • Winter mode: Open windows whenever it is warmer outside than inside and
    inside temperature is below target temperature.
  • Summer mode: Open windows whenever it is colder outside and inside
    temperature is above selected target temperature. Summer mode will optimize
    window opening based on weather forecast, time of day and presence state.
  • Ventilation mode: Ensure regular ventilation - either manual or automated
For every enabled mode a control device will be created to temporarily
activate/deactivate window actions. Furthermore WindowControl will close/not
open windows if rain or strong wind was detected.

Tested with Z-Way version v2.2.4
Bug/Issue tracker at https://github.com/maros/Zway-WindowControl/issues
Documentation at https://github.com/maros/Zway-WindowCon ... /README.md
Download at https://github.com/maros/Zway-WindowControl/releases

Installation can be done directly via git or via the the Zway App-Store.
Z-Way 2.2.4 on Raspi B | My Zway GitHub repos | Amazon Wishlist to support module development

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