GUI & Z-Way on RaZberry & Themes

This is a collection of wishes and needs for the next versions of Z-Way/Z-Cloud/Z-Box
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GUI & Z-Way on RaZberry & Themes

Post by martinpreiss » 03 Jun 2013 21:39

I bought RaZberry Board and i'm excited. Such a wonderful system when you want to do your home automation cheap and very scalable. This is really a superb work, keep good work mates!

GUI - Any plans to make the GUI looks more , let's say "sexy"? Any tutorial how to make it more sexy by myself?

When the RaZberry Z-Way will have all the goodies of Z-Cloud? Like automation, stable software etc...? So far it's a bit buggy so I left it for Z-Cloud. But I want my system work, even if there will be a drop in internet connection.

Bugs in RaZberry are: adding new apartment and new childs, all is added twice. Sometimes you can't draw polygons.

Any thought about Themes for the web / iphone app? Like XBMC themes?

Thanks for answers.

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We are working on a new "net"

Post by PoltoS » 03 Jun 2013 21:39

We are working on a new "net" UI. The demo one is just as a refrence. You can use CSS to make it "sexy". Usualy this is enough. Then you can make your own UI.

What bugs do you see with RaZberry? The backend is very stable right now. The UI will certainly be stripped to have only functional part (we will probably keep the map feature, but will not make it better, since the new UI will solve the problem).

Themes are essencially CSS. There is not much to change in HTML/JS.

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Post by martinpreiss » 03 Jun 2013 21:39

That's awesome guys. Just playing with it, and it's great work! Congrats on it. If you need any help, let me know.

When there will be some beta testing? So far I'm using th Cloud version, as the Razberry software is lacking the automation part...

The bugs are:
- adding new apartment and child will add everything twice (it just doubled everything)
- sometimes (randomly seems) you can't draw polygon on the map
- you need put the device on map on first time, you can't move with it after to adjust it, you need to remove and readd again on proper position...

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Re: GUI & Z-Way on RaZberry & Themes

Post by andyson » 29 Mar 2017 15:47

This new version have a lot of improvements and new features — the list is too long to present it. Below you can see description of major changes.

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