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Alexa Additional feature request for Multiroom Groups

Posted: 23 Dec 2018 15:24
by micky1500
Alexa "Groups" do not work with devices on my z-way.
Alexa App is not returning a "Device Type" during Discovery.

Device type: Other is showing in the Alexa app on my phone for most devices.
For Alexa "Groups" to work it needs a type.
This is for people with multiple Echo's. Can go into a room and say "Alexa turn on lights" and it will turn on the lights in that room only.

I have tried a temporary fix that works, but this fix assumes every "switchMultilevel" is a light.
Added the line and restarted z-way
Then did a "Discover" in Alexa webpage

At line 1250 i added "appliance.applianceTypes.push("LIGHT");"

case "switchMultilevel":
appliance.actions.push("turnOn", "turnOff", "setPercentage", "incrementPercentage", "decrementPercentage");