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X10 connectivity

Posted: 27 Dec 2017 10:34
by geoz
Hello, I have an X10 system installed for over 35 years and have friends with X10 controlled lighting switches and outlets.
Short problem....not about to go to the considerable expense to rewire my home to 'add a white wire' for ZWave in wall lighting switches - building permits, contractor......I am wheel chair bound...don't get into attics anymore!
My idea is to use a RaspPi and a Z-UNO to literally interface to my existing X-10 controller by simply replacing the push buttons with soldered wires to an external 'device' - the ZUNO with what ever minimal hardware I need to become the
momentary contact switch actions. The controller has 16 buttons - controlling units 1-8 (or 9-16 as selected and not important to this discussion) - one 'ON' push button, obviously one "OFF" push button for 8 devices.
What I need to know is the following:
1. Can a single ZWAVE device control 16 outputs?
2. Can the ZWave (or ZUNO) turn off the selected outputs in some way after a few milliseconds? I can use ttl devices to perform the MC requirements BUT the ZWAVE still has to be told the device is 'off' again.

I need to say 'zzzz01 ON' and have it literally somehow momentarily pulse 'zuno pin 'one'

Say "zzzzz07 OFF" and same deal....pulse 'zuno pin 'four' (or what ever.)

I read somewhere that the ZUNO can 'easily expand the number of it's output pins' - if this is not true then the four known output pins could be used......
One idea that I have used on Ardinos is to use a 74hc595 to let 3 of the pins select one of the 8 lines and the fourth
output 'pulse' the 595 - so 0100 is 'unit' 4 - that gives me 8 circuits; greatly helps solve my home lighting needs! Still only four ON-OFF units - takes care of the bed rooms anyway!!!
Sorry so possibly complicated. Using an Arduino, piece of cake - but no Arduino has ZWave to my knowledge!
And yes, I know almost nothing about ZWAVE! Will learn if someone gives me an idea that MY IDEA has a chance to work!
Thanks, George
P.S. Hopefully this will 'excite' more people to semi-migrate to ZWave.

Re: X10 connectivity

Posted: 29 Dec 2017 12:12
by PoltoS
1. Yes, it can. Depending on the size of the Association groups and their number.
2. Yes, in Z-Uno you can control PIN based on your logic, while Z-Wave channels are reported independently.

In brief, you can make up to 32 channels and link them with pulses in the corresponding pins of Z-Uno (you can indeed extend their number with a shifter as you mentioned)

Re: X10 connectivity

Posted: 29 Dec 2017 12:39
by petergebruers
I might be mistaken, but when you mention an "existing remote controller" with 16 buttons... they might be multiplexed. Are you sure you can replace those switches with some voltage level? The "remote controllers" I've opened so far all have rows and columns, so I would have to use some sort of switching element (possibly with voltage level translation, Z-Uno = 2.8-3.6 V device)...

Re: X10 connectivity

Posted: 12 Jan 2018 11:19
by geoz
Peter, Regarding 'replacing those switches' with 'some voltage level' - my plan is to just wire to both sides of the switch pad and 'short circuit' the 'switch' if necessary. I have not yet checked how the 'switch' pads are implemented but it is no major challenge.....of course, if necessary I could use a mechanical relay! LOL

Poltos, Thanks for the reply. IO am getting back to this particular project after a few weeks of 'too much on my plate'

Sorry for the delayed responses....I am also working on several other projects and it was the holidays!


Re: X10 connectivity

Posted: 12 Jan 2018 11:34
by petergebruers
I am sorry, I did not want to underestimate you. All people here have technicall skills, I know. But some people have a background in programming, some have lots of expierience in electronics... It takes some time to get to know eachother! Have fun with your Z-Uno!