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Eclipse IDE with Sloeber plugin for Arduino

Posted: 31 Mar 2018 01:25
by charly.clement
I would like to use Eclipse IDE to develop on Z-UNO.
The Arduino plugin "sloeber" works relatively good for most Arduino boards.

I am however not able to compile a z-uno project with that.
Does somebody successfully experimented developing Z-Uno with Eclipse IDE ?
If yes, how ?

Thanks in advance for answers.

Re: Eclipse IDE with Sloeber plugin for Arduino

Posted: 02 Apr 2018 10:07
by PoltoS
Z-Uno requires special board package for Arduino IDE. It specifies the compiler and programmer used as well as the folder with header and C files.

We have no such plugin for Eclipse. In theory you can take Eclipse plugin for Arduino, copy it and change for Z-Uno. But not sure it will be that easy.

But we can describe if you want how to use command line to compile and program Z-Uno. We use this approach instead of using Arduino IDE to automate the process during production test.

Re: Eclipse IDE with Sloeber plugin for Arduino

Posted: 14 Apr 2018 12:08
by charly.clement
OK, Thank's for this answer.

In fact, I installed the z-uno board on Eclipse/Sloeber in the "sloeber standard" way.
I can correctly work : project/files handling, automatic syntax check while editing, intellisense,...
I then compile, load the project with the normal arduino tool.
For now, it is about enough. I am relatively happy.

Other than that, Z_Zuno is fantastic.
I never seen a so simple, easy,.. genial product.

Re: Eclipse IDE with Sloeber plugin for Arduino

Posted: 22 Oct 2018 10:06
by perjar
I tried the same thing, Eclipse with Sloeber hopeing to find a more modern and end-to-end IDE but I came to the same conclusion as charly.clement above.

Even if compile and upload does not work, Eclipse does bring the befefit of a professional editor and predictive editing.

An even simplier environment is the Notepad++ editor which provides quite good support for the code editing part. Notepad++ has a concept called "workspace" which keeps files together as a group/project but it is not as fully fledged as Eclipse.

I have also tried Microsoft Visual Studio with an Arduino plugin but it has the same restrictions as Eclipse, it is not end to end.
Having tried a few IDEs now I find that they seem to be dependent on the Arduino IDE. If you don't have the Arduino IDE installed, then your 3rd party IDE will not work.