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Re: Zwave range and power

Posted: 05 Jun 2019 10:25
by PoltoS
Looks like EU. Are you able to read the text on the tiny black box right to the chip? I know, it is small

Re: Zwave range and power

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 14:42
by andyd
Could you be a little more specific as to which little black box and which chip?

I can successfully connect to a Aeotec Zstick using the AU frequency, so I do think it is on the correct frequency. If it was on the wrong frequency surely it wouldn't connect at all?

However, the only way to connect is to have the z-uno in the same room as the Zstick - even a couple of rooms away is sufficient to have it stop working. I tried plugging in a repeater nearby and even that didn't work. I'm pretty sure it isn't the Zstick as I've got three other Zwave nodes in the house and all are working fine.