creating thermostat linked to zwave valves

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creating thermostat linked to zwave valves

Post by makol76 » 25 Aug 2018 12:34

Hi everybody
I have a project in mind, but I not able to realize it, and not even sure it's feasible.
Here's the situation :

I have several water heaters in my home. I will install EUROTRONIC zwave valves on them to better control the temperature. But actually the circulation of the hot water is controlled by a single thermostat, not well placed. If I have valves on all my heaters, or the thermostat will stop the circulation and valves will be fully opened for nothing, or the circulation will try to continue even if all the valve are closed.

So I was thinking to associate a DIY thermostat, that would receive the actual temperature read by the valves, and if any of the valves is opened, authorize the circulation, if they are all closed, stop the circulation. BUT, I would like to do it without having a zwave box (for different reasons).
So I was thinking to use a Z-uno devoce to create it.

Is that feasible ? Would it work, as Z-uno is not a controller but a slave ?

thanks !!

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Re: creating thermostat linked to zwave valves

Post by PoltoS » 26 Aug 2018 17:47

You anyway need a controller at least once to include them all together and configure. But it can work directly as you expect.

For this you need to let Eurotronic report temperature and valve state to Z-Uno (use to catch reports). Not sure Eurotronic does this by default if you place Z-Uno in association group #1 (Life line), but it should.

Once you did it, you can handle your logic in Z-Uno.

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