Fahrenheit and PSI for multisensor?

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Fahrenheit and PSI for multisensor?

Post by csmzwave » 12 Jul 2019 08:25


im new to zuno and arduino and i just started creating Sketches for a water pressure sensor (0-150psi) and checked https://github.com/Z-Wave-Me/Z-Uno-Core ... initions.h and it seems there is no PSI as well as no Farenheit, no inches/feet (only meters),...

also all examples are just for the Metric system.

i feel a bit as im the first USA user? - only Imperial metrics i found is Gallons (for meter) but thats quite it?

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Re: Fahrenheit and PSI for multisensor?

Post by Cyberax » 12 Jul 2019 09:07

ZWave standard uses metric units. They can be translated them into US customary units on the frontend.

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