Unexpected Server Crashes

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Unexpected Server Crashes

Post by Chris » 10 Nov 2015 15:34

Hi Community, hi Support,

Every now and then, but almost every day, I experience unexpected z-way-server crashes and there are no entries about this fact in the z-way-server.log.

But indeed, if I restart, I get an error:

Code: Select all

[2015-11-10 13:06:56.912] [I] [core] --- Starting module Group devices
[2015-11-10 13:06:56.913] [I] [core] Creating device switchBinary GroupDevices_39
[2015-11-10 13:06:56.914] [I] [core] Notification: error (core): Cannot instantiate module: GroupDevices: Error: on only accepts instances of Function
[2015-11-10 13:06:56.916] [I] [core] Error: on only accepts instances of Function
    at EventEmitter.on [as addListener] (automation/lib/eventemitter2.js:357:19)
    at _.extend.on (automation/classes/DevicesCollection.js:189:43)
    at automation/modules/GroupDevices/index.js:93:33
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at GroupDevices.init (automation/modules/GroupDevices/index.js:92:25)
    at AutomationController.instantiateModule (automation/classes/AutomationController.js:308:22)
    at AutomationController.<anonymous> (automation/classes/AutomationController.js:400:18)
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at AutomationController.loadModule (automation/classes/AutomationController.js:399:8)
    at AutomationController.<anonymous> (automation/classes/AutomationController.js:439:14)
I am running the server on Ubuntu 14.04 and I think the server version is 2.1.1.

Last Saturday I created a new Group Device, "Living room all on". But after creating it, I thought it would be better named "Living room all on/off" and I changed that. After that I had suddenly 2 new group devices "Living room all on" AND "Living room all on/off". And one without configuration (this: "Configuration - Generated by App" was missing).

After a reboot of the server they were both gone, but now I have a "Button Fibar Group 1-1" with the configuration name "Generated by Z-Wave device #Remote_4, leading to an error 404 "404 Not Found. Requested data does not exists". This is probably because the module isn´t loaded at all.

Does someone has an Idea on how to fix that, maybe this is also the cause for these server crashes (even if it is not clicked...?).

thanks for helping me :)

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Re: Unexpected Server Crashes

Post by PoltoS » 15 Nov 2015 02:08

We need remote access to understand what happens. You can write us by mail and enable remote access to let us check what happened and how to fix it

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