8084 Update page unreachable

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8084 Update page unreachable

Post by Wikibear » 03 Feb 2019 16:30

8084 update page is unreachable. All other things are working. Using bash script to install again and make a fresh install on my system. Nothing works well. After port scan there is no listen port 8084. How can i fix this that 8084 port for updates are reachable again?
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Re: 8084 Update page unreachable

Post by enbemokel » 05 Feb 2019 17:54

I think I read in an old documentation that it´s only open for a short time after restart. But don´t remember where and if it´s right.
Can´t you use the normal update from managment menu?

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Re: 8084 Update page unreachable

Post by PoltoS » 07 Feb 2019 02:42

It is broken in stretch. We will fix it this month

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