Input and Relay Control with Homeseer and Z-Uno Shield

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Input and Relay Control with Homeseer and Z-Uno Shield

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I'm unable to get more than two inputs working. None of the outputs are working, and when I control one of the outputs via Homeseer, it shows that two of them are being controlled.

This is my first project with Z-Uno, so pardon my ignorance. I'm using a Z-Uno with the Z-Uno Shield, and this code code generated by the configurator: ... m_3=pullup
I have the shield jumpers installed as pictured in the confiugurator.

I have the Z-Uno included in my zwave network with Homeseer via a Z-Net+ ethernet gateway, and I'm powering the Z-Uno Shield with 12 volts. For the outputs I'm using small 12v relays with the positive connected to the 12v source, and the negative connected to the output terminals on the shield.
Homeseer version HS3Pro
Frequency: USA

When I apply or remove Gnd to inputs 11 or 12 they are instantly recognized in homeseer, and the status is updated. That same test does not work for ADC0-4.

When I click the On or Off buttons in Homeseer for Switch 4,5,8,9,10,11, they seem to be working in Homeseer, and the status is updated, but nothing happens on the Shield outputs(I do see the red LED flicker on the Z-Uno when I do this). One exception to the above statement is that if I click the On button for Switch 8, both Switch 8 and Switch 4 turn on. This only happens with the Switch 8 On button, not the off, or either button for Switch 4.

I've attached a screen shot of how HomeSeer is displaying the device. Let me know if I've left out any important details.

Thank you
Z-Uno Homeseer Device Screenshot.JPG
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Re: Input and Relay Control with Homeseer and Z-Uno Shield

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Update: I've changed the configurator to have ADC0-4 setup for "Digital Input 0/3 V" rather than 0/12 V, and updated the Jumpers to match the new configuartion. They are still configured for "Free or ground", but now the other inputs are working. Also on the output side I noticed that all of the PWM1-4 outputs are providing Open regardless of the switch state in HomeSeer, while 7 and 8 are providing ground regardless of switch state.

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