Z-Wave Plus V2 (Z-wave 700 series) compatible USB stick?

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Z-Wave Plus V2 (Z-wave 700 series) compatible USB stick?

Post by Gamester17 » 09 Oct 2019 10:33

I was wondering if Z-Wave.Me have any plans to release Z-Wave Plus V2 (Z-wave 700 series) compatible USB stick relatively soon?

Presumably, the next version of UZB dongle is/will/should most likely be based on Silicon Labs EFR32ZG14 Z-Wave 700 Zen Gecko modem SoC (System-on-Chip) as that chip is among other things designed for exactly that purpose, or?

If you did not know, Silicon Labs has already announced a reference design of a Z-Wave 700 series controller USB dongle based on their EFR32ZG14 Zen Gecko Z-Wave 700 modem System-on-Chip, and that they call that reference design for "Silicon Labs UZB-7". That USB adapter (article number "SLUSB7000A") is included with Silicon Labs Z-Wave 700 Wireless Starter Kit (SLWSTK6050A).

https://www.silabs.com/documents/public ... H14483.pdf

https://fccid.io/2ADB9-UZB-7/User-Manua ... al-4147020

Some software developers are working on OpenZWave support for Silicon Labs UZB-7 here:


Some more information about developing support for Silicon Labs EFR32ZG14 chips here:

https://silabs-prod.adobecqms.net/commu ... sdkfo-kZYd

PS: I'm an end-user consumer building a new DIY home automation controller and do not want to buy your existing UZB dongle if the next version has both Z-wave 700 series support as is backwards compatible with Z-wave 500 series products too.

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Re: Z-Wave Plus V2 (Z-wave 700 series) compatible USB stick?

Post by enbemokel » 09 Oct 2019 13:52

Hi, nice information, will follow this.
But, the cost of the actual USB Stick is so less comparing to all of your devices, you may start with the 500 series ;-)

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