Battery Reports and Fibaro HC2

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Re: Battery Reports and Fibaro HC2

Post by Gotty101 » 24 Nov 2019 22:24

Hi Peter, sorry for the delay. Been side tracked by another project. I have ordered a different worm driven motor (slower) as I needed more torque to drive my office blind. I'll try to measure the standby current. Apart from a few pull ups, there is a motor driver (put on standby when not on) a current monitor (also put to sleep) and when I get round to it a spi led driver (holds state when the zuno is off. It will only be used to warn of low bat and errors but is ment to be very efficient. Will need to write a library though) I'll give it a measure on my bench (not got the led bit done yet and I've only got a uni-t meter)


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