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by sgbirch
05 Mar 2017 20:16
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Topic: (Solved) Danfoss Devolo Connect Z 014G0801
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Re: (Solved) Danfoss Devolo Connect Z 014G0801

I also have about nine of these devices, they seem to be working ok but I have run into a problem. In my system the reported temperature is being used to call for heat from the boiler. But, when the TRVs get close to the set temperature the valve starts to close, this is the proportional control fea...
by sgbirch
28 Apr 2012 11:37
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Topic: Mark battery device as failed to remove it not working?
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Danfoss living connect

<t>I see by this thread, and many others at different sites, that the Danfoss device is a royal pain in the neck to set up. This is disappointing because I have a 22 radiator building in need of room zoning.<br/> <br/> What is the overall opinion of the device? Can it be made to run reliably with Z-...