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by pfremm
30 Dec 2015 22:17
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: ZWay Home Control for iPhone
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Re: ZWay Home Control for iPhone

I updated to the latest firmware and now that app just crashes. I've tried reinstall the app, using only local, and using only remote or configuring both. Also tried installing on my ipad and it just crashes as well. As last resort tried reverting to earlier framework and the app crashes on the ipad...
by pfremm
29 May 2014 04:22
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: Security of z-way JSON-API
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Re: Security of z-way JSON-API

Could you just resort to firewall rules if needed assuming you can specify a IP range for the devices that should have access to the JSON API. I just use this at my house so internal access is not a huge deal, but for external access I setup iOS profiles for on-demand VPN access with openVPN.
by pfremm
29 May 2014 04:19
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: Kwikset Locks...
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Re: Kwikset Locks...

Why are you using alarm data instead of the command classes and the data resource that provides this info like the manual shows?
by pfremm
21 Apr 2014 07:05
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Doorlock access keys
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Re: Doorlock access keys

When I run the command as you provided I can see a new usercode entry, but code, and hasCode elements in the JSON API both show null when I do a get for just commandClass[0x63]. The weird part is I have set some other codes in the past and they do seem to show up eventually, I just cannot figure out...