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by Geoff332
27 Feb 2015 23:28
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Undefined Modules
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Undefined Modules

Hi, I've just ungraded z-way to 2.0.1-rc15 and for some reason, the default modules are all flagged as 'undefined' (see the image). If I try and enter the names, then it will save them and they'll show. But next time I re-launch the UI, they'll go back to undefined. This happened last night when I u...
by Geoff332
27 Feb 2015 00:08
Forum: Recipes
Topic: [userModule] Daylight (updated 2015-07-05)
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Re: [userModule] Daylight (updated 2015-02-15)

Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this. I've grabbed this module, put it in my userModules folder and restarted the server. But I can't see the sensor anywhere in the web GUI. When I look in the logs, the module loads and executes, but the module is never instantiated. I've just updated my ...