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by RizingFenix
12 Apr 2015 03:07
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Problems with v2.0.1-rcX(closed)
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Re: Problem with v2.0.1-rc5

Work-around: 1) Decrease font size with CTLR- (Increase with CTRL+). This works best in Opera and Chrome; In Firefox the fonts do get distorted at certain steps 2) If you have a two screens, you can stretch the edit window across those two screens. Thanks for the work around. I have been struggling...
by RizingFenix
12 Apr 2015 02:58
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Secure remote requests to Razberry
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Re: Secure remote requests to Razberry

The basic idea is that I want to get some values from devices or switch some of them on demand in a webpage of my own and not the I can forward the port 8083 through my router to the Razberry and by this way use the ZWayAPI/Run. But in this way anyone will be able to get/set etc. my ...