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by dorio22
17 Jun 2015 13:21
Forum: Device specific
Topic: ZXT-120
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Re: ZXT-120

Hello xchattter and dolpheen, I'm also working with a ZXT-120 to control an air conditioner, I was wondering if you could provide me with some working examples of how to interface with it. So far I was able to include the ZXT-120 device to the network and register some commands via: Expert UI --> Co...
by dorio22
15 Jun 2015 15:28
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Expert UI - Error handling data from server
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Expert UI - Error handling data from server

Hello Everyone, I just got my RaZberry and installed everything on Raspberry Pi 2. Unfortunately, when I enter "Expert UI" I see the message: "Error handling data from server" I read some posts here that had the same problem(s) but the solution was nowhere to be found. I tried di...