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by remoticz
07 Aug 2016 14:50
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: Schedule app not working
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Re: Schedule app not working

Hi, any news here since 2.2.3? Do the scheduled scenes come up again after a reboot? No problem with that in my installation. But, unfortunately both my installations hang about a week after update > 2.2.1 Version 2.2.4-rc2 seemed to be a bit better. But also stopped after som 10 days. (I am still ...
by remoticz
27 Jun 2016 15:20
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Z-Way Tablet for iPad
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Re: Z-Way Tablet for iPad

I don't have any experience with iOS. Maybe the Apple HomeKit Gate app that you can find in the ZWay online Appstore could help you? Has quite a few downloads and good user ratings
by remoticz
19 May 2016 17:13
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: Z-Way-Server log file
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Re: Z-Way-Server log file

Yes, it does create backups that rotate. So space won't fill up.
You can set log level in /opt/z-way-server/config.xml. By default it is set to the most verbose level 6. Level 0 ogs nothing. There is no specification for what the other log levels record
by remoticz
09 Mar 2016 22:44
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Topic: upgrade errors
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Re: upgrade errors

@PoltoS, your not serious about that answer are you?
By now, I have upgraded my test system 12 times, and after half a day or so WebIF is unavailable again. Does not seem to be a sensible solution you gaves.
by remoticz
08 Mar 2016 12:00
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: How to upgrade RaZberry firmware?
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Re: How to upgrade RaZberry firmware?

If you have problems like this, go to the place where you bought it. In most legislations the shop where you bought it is the first responsible. It is their duty to deliver you a functional product. Many shops (especially webshops) are evading that responsibility. Just as most software vendors do. I...
by remoticz
26 Feb 2016 19:18
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: need JSON commands
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Re: need JSON commands

bogr wrote:Noooo, that's cheating
Not only cheating, but not fit for the future either. They have written somewhere that the JS interface is going to disappear.
by remoticz
20 Feb 2016 00:29
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Topic: DECT Control of Thermostatic Radiator Valves
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DECT Control of Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Since heating control with Danfoss Zwave valves is my major application, I got interested in the Eurotronic Dect controlled Comet valves . I did notice that the next modem firmware is going to support these devices. Unlike these RaspberryPi toy devices, awkward Danfoss Z-Wave valves, Fritz...
by remoticz
23 Jan 2016 12:14
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Topic: Why not all actions in Event Log?
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Re: Why not all actions in Event Log?

SReibert wrote:The Event Log is not the Zway Logfile.
Please explain what and where it is. I could not find a reference to it in the Developers Manual
by remoticz
22 Jan 2016 15:10
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Razberry Fibaro custom module
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Re: Razberry Fibaro custom module

Go to tool icon in top right corner, and select Apps. Next do select tab Local APPs and next All Apps
AllApps.PNG (2.8 KiB) Viewed 4003 times
Below there you'll find Logical rule. Under Condition select multilevel, and next pick your temperature sensor.
Then define your switch under the Actions section
Rule.PNG (14.81 KiB) Viewed 4003 times
by remoticz
06 Jan 2016 15:54
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Topic: Load custom JavaScript code
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Re: Load custom JavaScript code

Velouria wrote:Seriously considering going back to Domoticz again.
Can't blame you :(